Check Out Healthy People 2030’s New Objectives!

ODPHP is excited to announce 3 new Healthy People 2030 core objectives and 1 new research objective — the first new objectives since the launch of Healthy People 2030 in August 2020. Like all Healthy People 2030 objectives, the new objectives were developed by Healthy People 2030 subject matter experts, meet specific criteria, and reflect public input.

The 3 new core objectives are:

The new research objective is:

The 3 new core objectives were developmental objectives when Healthy People 2030 launched in 2020. After careful consideration, they’ve been recategorized as core objectives. Core objectives are associated with targets for the decade, reflect high-priority public health issues, and are associated with evidence-based interventions. They also have valid, reliable, nationally representative data, including baseline data from no earlier than 2015.

The research objective is new to Healthy People 2030. Research objectives represent public health issues with a high health or economic burden or significant disparities between population groups — but they don’t have baseline data and aren’t yet associated with evidence-based interventions. As evidence becomes available, the new research objective could become eligible to move to the core category.

Every year, new objectives of all types — core, developmental, and research — may be proposed for inclusion in Healthy People 2030. This helps ensure that the initiative remains relevant and reflects current public health priorities throughout the decade.

Learn more about the criteria for core, developmental and research objectives and how objectives may evolve over the decade — and then explore all the Healthy People 2030 objectives. Finally, be sure to sign up for email alerts to stay up to date on the latest Healthy People 2030 news.

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