Reframing Aging

Health and Well-Being Matter

When we think about definitions of ageism, it goes a little more deeply to think about not only the external ageism that we may experience, but our own internalized ageism. It’s a constant battle, and one that really has health implications for us all.” – Patricia D’Antonio, National Center to Reframe Aging

It’s my pleasure to introduce another entry in our quarterly vlog series, where we engage with partners in the public and private sectors to discuss the ways in which we can collaborate to advance our collective mission to promote greater health equity and well-being for all people.

In observance of Healthy Aging Month, Patricia D’Antonio, Executive Director for the National Center to Reframe Aging, recently joined me to discuss the myriad ways we encounter, and even perpetuate ageism in our everyday lives, and the importance of dispelling negative public perceptions of older adulthood and revisiting aging as not something that we “arrive at”, but rather a continuous process that we experience throughout our lifecycle.

To learn more about the National Center to Reframe Aging’s work, and to access resources to help us all change the conversation about aging, I encourage you to visit their website, To learn more about ODPHP’s initiatives that support Healthy Aging, please explore our Healthy Aging pages on

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