ICYMI: The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s May Meeting

ICYMI: A few weeks ago, the 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee held its fifth public meeting. The meeting was livestreamed, and recordings of Day 1 and Day 2 are now available on DietaryGuidelines.gov.

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

The meeting’s first day featured engaging discussions of the Committee’s approach to incorporating health equity into its work and the Committee’s review of the evidence on diet quality and weight management. The Committee also gave an overview of progress made on food pattern modeling since the last public meeting in January.

The meeting’s second day began with an update from federal staff on projects highlighted on the Related Projects page of DietaryGuidelines.gov, including alcoholic beverages, sustainability, and the Dietary Reference Intakes. Also covered was a recently published article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that dispels common misinformation about the process used to develop each edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The Committee then discussed nationally representative data on dietary intakes and the prevalence of nutrition-related chronic disease in the United States.

The day continued with discussions of the evidence related to diet in pregnancy and birth through adolescence and a conversation on the relationship among dietary patterns and specific dietary components and several health outcomes across all life stages.

On both days of the meeting, Committee members discussed protocols and draft conclusion statements. Before adjourning, the Committee discussed its next steps before its next public meeting, which is scheduled to take place in late September. At this meeting, the Committee plans to provide an overview of its remaining conclusion statements and the draft of its Scientific Report, which will include the Committee’s findings and recommendations to the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. The recommendations made in the Scientific Report will be considered by HHS and USDA as they work together to develop the next edition of the Dietary Guidelines.  

To learn more about the Committee’s work, visit DietaryGuidelines.gov. The Committee encourages public participation in the process by submitting written public comments. Stay informed about the Committee’s work by signing for updates

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