Promoting Physical Activity During the Winter Season and COVID-19 Pandemic

Although Americans may be facing barriers to getting active due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recommended social distancing measures, the winter season can present unique opportunities to discover new ways to move that are fun for people of all ages. Even while wearing a mask and following social distancing guidelines, people may find they enjoy bundling up for activities like ice skating, sledding, or walking outside. Others might discover new indoor activities — like online yoga classes or bodyweight exercises!

Getting and staying active has important benefits for physical and mental health that can improve daily life and help people cope with difficult challenges. For example, physical activity can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce the risk of depression. It can also help manage and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. As our communities face new physical and emotional challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the winter season, the benefits of physical activity can help Americans feel better right away.

Help Promote Physical Activity in Your Community

Use the sample Twitter messages below to encourage your audiences to get active this winter. Pair your messages with the social media graphics below. Keep in mind that messages that link to videos will load a preview — no graphic needed.

  • What’s the best way to be active? Whatever gets you moving! Different activities like yoga, dancing, and push-ups could be great ways to have fun and #MoveYourWay indoors! Check out @HealthGov’s tips and resources to learn more about how to #GetActive:
  • Adults need at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week. You can break that up and #MoveYourWay! Not sure where to start? @HealthGov has an interactive tool to help you plan your weekly physical activities! Check it out:     
  • Getting active can help you manage anxiety or depression. And no matter your age, size, or health status, you can find fun ways to #GetActive — like push-ups or dancing! Learn more about the benefits of #PhysicalActivity from @HealthGov: #MoveYourWay
  • #SocialDistancing doesn’t mean you can’t connect with others while getting active! Video chat while trying a workout video or catch up on the phone while you walk. For more ways to #MoveYourWay, check out this resource from @CDC_DNPAO:
  • Just 5 minutes of #PhysicalActivity has real health benefits. Help your kids find indoor activities they really like to do! Try creating an obstacle course or make it a game with a plank challenge! Check out @HealthGov’s #MoveYourWay video for more ideas:
  • #Parents: Help your kids find activities they really like to do! Try yoga! Have everyone pick a pose and then take turns leading each pose. For more ways to #GetActive, check out @HealthGov’s #MoveYourWay video:
  • Kids need at least 60 mins of #PhysicalActivity every day for good health. Try taking a walk to a local park! Be sure to wear masks & follow #SocialDistancing guidelines. For more ways to get your kids active, check out @HealthGov’s resource: #MoveYourWay
  • #DYK? #PhysicalActivity can boost mood, reduce stress, and improve sleep for kids and teens! Learn more about the benefits of physical activity for kids and teens from @HealthGov: #MoveYourWay

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Want more ways to promote physical activity? The Move Your Way® campaign has great resources for both adults and kids! Share the Activity Planner to help adults build a weekly activity plan, or the Parent Interactive Graphic with tips to get kids moving.

You can also check out ODPHP’s Facebook page for more Move Your Way messages to share.

And for more information about COVID-19 and related U.S. government activities, visit: 

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