October 2021

FDA Issues Final Guidance for Voluntary Sodium Reduction Targets

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken new action to address preventable, chronic diseases and advance health equity for all. The FDA has issued final guidance to set voluntary sodium reduction targets for the producers of foods Americans eat every day. This is a significant step in creating a healthier food supply to help reverse the trend of diet-related chronic diseases and the disproportionate burden experienced by racial and ethnic minority groups.

Health and Well-Being Begin with Health Literacy

Access to easy-to-understand, relatable, and actionable information encourages individuals to be proactive in seeking to improve and maintain their health. However, too often, information that could benefit people is overly complex, unavailable in languages other than English, or not relevant to an individual’s unique perspective and needs. While striving to be healthy and understanding what it takes to be healthy are not the same thing, the root of healthy living is an adequate baseline of usable knowledge – what we refer to as health literacy. Improving our mindfulness of this, as health professionals and lay persons, is a good start toward more effective communication and perhaps better health and well-being.

NIH Announces RFI for Research Opportunities to End Hunger, Food and Nutrition Insecurity

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has posted NOT-OD-21-183 - Request for Information (RFI): Research Opportunities to End Hunger, Food and Nutrition Insecurity. Through this RFI NIH invites input on the approaches they can take to address hunger, food insecurity, and nutrition insecurity through innovative and multidisciplinary research—including implementation science and health outcomes based research...