National Youth Sports Strategy Partner Promotion Toolkit

Sample Social Media Messages and Graphics

Use these sample messages and graphics to reach policymakers and key decision-makers in youth sports, as well as parents, coaches, and volunteers. You can adapt these messages to align with different events, priorities, and National Health Observances (NHOs).

Twitter Content for Professional Audiences

National Youth Sports Strategy
Everyone has a role to play in the National #YouthSports Strategy! Learn more about the strategy and ways to get involved from @HealthGov:

NYSS Every Kid In the Game


All kids deserve a chance to play #YouthSports – regardless of their ability. Help expand inclusive programs as part of the National Youth Sports Strategy from @HealthGov:

NYSS Find Their Strengths


Sports help kids build confidence and grow into healthy, active adults. Learn how organizations, communities, and policymakers can use @HealthGov’s National #YouthSports Strategy to support youth sports:

NYSS Stay In The Game


Want to help kids stick with sports? Prioritize fun and #PhysicalActivity over competition in #YouthSports programs. Learn more in @HealthGov’s National Youth Sports Strategy:

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Twitter Content for Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers

NYSS Twitter Be a Role Model


Want to help kids #GetActive through youth sports? Learn how parents, coaches, and volunteers can get involved in @HealthGov’s National #YouthSports Strategy:

NYSS Twitter Focus on Fun


Sports help kids #GetActive and learn new skills – but don’t forget about fun! Learn about @HealthGov’s National Youth Sports Strategy and help make fun the top priority in #YouthSports:

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Facebook Content for Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers

NYSS FB Be A Role Model


Want to help kids find sports they love? Sign up to be a coach or volunteer in a local youth sports program. Learn more ways to support youth sports in the National Youth Sports Strategy:

NYSS FB Focus on Fun


Youth sports are a great way for kids to get physical activity – and have fun with friends and family. Whether you’re playing a game with your kids or coaching a youth sports team, make fun the #1 priority. Learn about the National Youth Sports Strategy and how you can get involved:

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Tips for Promoting the National Youth Sports Strategy on Social Media

Use these tips when you post about the Strategy on social media:

  • Always attach a graphic from this page to Twitter and Facebook posts to increase engagement – no special permission needed!
  • On Twitter, always include the #YouthSports hashtag and tag @HealthGov to increase impressions
  • Adapt messages as needed to align with your organization’s priorities

To help your messages reach more people, use additional hashtags to mention relevant National Health Observances (NHOs). Check the NHO sponsor organization’s website, promotion toolkit, or Twitter account to find the official hashtag.

Find tips and resources to promote NHOs, including some that are a natural fit for the Strategy:

  • National Physical Fitness & Sports Month in May
  • National Youth Sports Week in July

Check out these example tweets to see how the Strategy can tie in with NHOs:

Getting involved in #YouthSports is a great way to help kids in your community #MoveInMay. Learn about the National Youth Sports Strategy from @HealthGov:
This National Youth Sports Week, spread the word about national efforts to increase #YouthSports participation. Share @HealthGov’s key takeaways from the National Youth Sports Strategy:

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Sample Newsletter Copy

Use or adapt this content to spread the word about the National Youth Sports Strategy in your newsletter or blog.

Subject: Help Kids Get Active with the National Youth Sports Strategy

Body: Youth sports are a great way for young people to get active and learn important life skills. But barriers like cost, lack of time, and lack of inclusive options for kids of all abilities can make it difficult to participate. The National Youth Sports Strategy aims to remove these barriers and give every kid the chance to play.

This actionable strategy is based on research and best practices from the scientific community and successful youth sports programs across the Nation. The National Youth Sports Strategy can help increase youth sports participation by focusing on fun over competition, advocating for safe and accessible sports programs and facilities, and promoting important messages about the benefits of youth sports.

And you can help spread the word! Parents, coaches, organizations, communities, and policymakers all have a role to play in making youth sports safe, fun, and accessible for all. Learn more about the Strategy and how to get involved.

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